Our Offering

Dairy and Brewery

Liedholms manufacture tanks for breweries and other food industry. Our pressure vessels are price competitive and in high quality. We manufacture […]

Welding & Pressure Vessels

We know welding. Our employees are certified according to a series of national and international standards and are continually educated. […]

Design & Project Management

In addition to manufacturing we also offer engineering, purchasing, project management and documentation. The range can vary from basic documentation […]

Assembly & Modules

We have a very long experience of manufacturing and assembling components, modules and complete machines. A major application is food […]

Material Demands

What we manufacture is often used in tough applications and within industries with high demands of safety. Therefore we often […]

Manufacturing Standards

Our customers’ products and its application often must fulfill one or more industry and manufacturing standards. Our solid knowledge of […]

Quality & Environment

Quality The goal of Liedholms is to deliver products which are characterized by correct quality and high environmental awareness, both […]